During the afternoons of July 7 and 8, there will be workshops of choice in sessions from 15.30 to 17.30. and from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. To participate in workshops ==Click here to go to the registration page of workshops

Transvestism Workshop
Chema Trujillo Rivas
The body as material, center for experimentation and performance research.
Practice with materials, found, combined, as well as excursions on the process itself. Generate crossbreeding hybridizations between the body as an experimental and expression material from the concept of transvestism.
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Places of memory.
Fabio y Pedro​
In this workshop we will work on memory as a trigger for artistic creation.
Through their own and shared memories, the participants will produce a work that illustrates the ways in which the places of memory cross us
Workshop Entretejiéndonos
Carmen Montoro Cabrera
This workshop is based on textile tools and techniques to built a collective artistic installation.


Through the knitting action we will build our network.The goal of the workshop is to work out  concepts such as appropriation and delimitation of spaces and  convey  collective art messages with basic tools to  consctruct a work with  aesthetical value.


We will remix parallel actions and creations to create the content  of the communication.

Vegetable devices for a paradigm shift
o The vegetable activist

Lucia Loren


The creation of a series of “transformation devices” from plant material is proposed pruning, to stimulate a reflection on our relationship with the "environment." The intervention will be presented as a performative resistance action, enhancing processes creatives that embrace an ethic of care and reinforce our active presence and transformative becoming "vegetable activists."


Raigambres.  Action as origin and evolution of the questions.

Plataforma Indómita (Eva Sanguino, Irene Pomar, Javier Viana, Sofía de Juan)


Raigambres * proposes a space to, through collective action, ask ourselves precisely about the questions. Roots and branches at the same time, these are often the most powerful and aided trigger for all artistic-educational action that involves a community.


From the lack of certainty and unambiguous answers, we will consider through action the role of that first question. This can be understood as a methodological starting point to open the doors to new questions that directly interest the people who accompany us or as a question agreed by the group to which we want to respond through artistic action. What do we ask today and from where? Is artistic action a question in itself?


From the experience of the different processes linked to artistic actions and collaborative curating, we appeal to education from its roots: guide. The fact of linking it to doing, to creativity, suppresses the hierarchical connotation that this word could have and encourages knowledge to be shared horizontally, convinced that shared learning makes us grow together.


React. Catch. Vibrate. Impact. Act

Paco Nevado


One of the greatest adventures, innate to the idea of ​​the universe itself, is to transgress it, go through it with the strongest force, and in the most direct way. "Like a spear of fire that crosses the universe, from the innermost of the impulses and from the most underlying telluric movements." The pain does not stop, it emerges and condenses, while circumstances make us more exposed and conducive to action. Everything is RAVIA.



With this meeting, we want to create a space in which artistic expression using the body and identity as a tool, is the energetic impulse of an active group creation.


Transgressing decisively our world, our body and our own identity. A proposal defended and made by each of the participants. That through a series of "impulses" will make space a decisive place for the creation of new landscapes and meanings.


We handle two great concepts or ideas Ethics and Aesthetics, to create games and images that develop at a glance a simple and direct message through a creative-artistic action, within a festive meeting.

Workshop of Art Edition
Antonio Damián con Jim Lorena

In this workshop we will experiment techniques of paper making (paperart) to make art objects.

Handmade paper and paper art are techniques that allow us to create an idea, develop it and finish it in a wet condition, providing textures, colors, lines, spots and delimited shapes, impossible to achieve with other techniques.


This way we can create artist books and object-books using different colored fibers and materials, create the ideal media for both artist books - books object.